Dervish has been going out on various field trips with different handlers and has been doing an excellent job of adapting to different handlers on the other end of the leash. He went with advanced sitter Kerry to the Burnaby Board of Trade Charity Gold Tournament this month. She said he was an absolute rockstar for ignoring distractions and doing meet and greets! Dervish will continue to work with Ashley as well as go on some field trips with Margaret to determine what job he truly would like. We are excited to see what he chooses!

  • Skills being learned: Practice of foundations and potential skills
  • Recent field trips: Robert Burnaby Park, Metrotown Mall and others
  • Possible behavior challenges: Occasional alert barking when surprised
  • Advanced training location: West Coast (Burnaby Campus)

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Dervish!

Submitted by: Ashley – Service & Hearing Dog Instructor