In the photos you will see Desi in her bed “hugging” a sock, she has always loved socks!  She never, ever chews them, she just likes to carry them around and, in this case, hug it in her bed.  You will also see Desi being brushed and our daughter using the vacuum to clean out the brush to make it more efficient.  Desi used to be pretty nervous around the sound of the vacuum but she is used to it now – with four teenagers and a lab in one house, the vacuum runs almost daily.

The other two photos are of Desi with day-old ducklings.  I hatch chicks and ducklings every year for my Kindergarten class. This year, Desi had her introduction to the ducklings for just one day as they have all gone in brooders to live with my students and their families. She put up with the ducklings but it wasn’t her favourite.  She’s such a patient, calm girl!

Submitted By: Dana Stephenson