Desi loves to watch TV! She will sit with us and turn her body so she can watch TV, sometimes in a 15 or 20 minute stretch!

She will even turn her head in an engaged and interested way if there are animals or especially dogs on the TV.

Desi has improved SO much at the off leash! She was so anxious and nervous up to last year, but has steadily improved over time with lots of practice. She will now play (or try to play) with every dog, any size.

She is so joyful and has been able to work on so many great skills at the off leash. She has improved so much with understanding the cues from other dogs. Her recall is excellent! πŸ™‚

Desi loves to hold a sock in her mouth.

She never chews them or anything else. She just likes to hold them.

She used to do this with our shoes too, if you couldn’t find one, you’d look in Desi’s bed… but we’ve finally got her down to just holding socks!


Our teens built a giant snow fort (8 feet tall) over the holidays. We didn’t think Desi would go in but she loves to be with the family so much, she was willing to go inside for a minute. She then went inside for short periods at first and then stayed longer. The next day, she went in happily and stayed easily. This is pretty typical of Desi’s learning curve – she can start out quite anxious, but then with practice and some time, she adjusts.

Submitted By: Stephenson Family