We sat Desi for 2 weeks, and found her to be calm and confident. Every place we took her we received compliments about her behaviour. As her sitters, we just kept saying, “Thank you – her raisers have done a fabulous job.”

She offered good behaviours without being asked, such as sitting or lying at the perimeter of the kitchen, and sitting on the floor of the truck rather than on the back seat where our pet dog rides (even though it is a rather skinny place for such a big dog!).

It took Desi a couple days to settle after breakfast and not be going to do something right away.  She did go downtown with Brian on the days that he went and she seemed happy to be getting her cape on to go to work. 

We also took her to get her 16 month vaccines. The vet was VERY impressed with how calm she was, and commented that she wished all the PADS dogs were as easy to examine!

Our backyard dog run is accessed by a ramp at the end of our deck. Desi understood how to use the ramp with very little direction and no hesitation. (Most other dogs have needed to follow me up and down the ramp a couple of times.)

Desi also showed excellent self control around our community’s large, wild hare population. She paid them no attention at all, even when one almost ran into her!

Submitted By: Jackie Thomson & Brian Ness (part-time puppy raisers)