Social with dogs:

Desi has come SO far at the off leash park! At 6 months, she was nervous, scared and anxious, trying to crawl up our legs, scared of dogs that weren’t even acknowledging her. Now, she is the hit of the off-leash! People look for her, she will play joyfully with any dog, even the older, cranky ones!


Desi is completely devoted and loyal.



Desi knows when people need her. Someone came into my workplace who had been in a head-on collision a few days previous, but looked fine. Emotionally, she was feeling pretty rough. Desi brought her plastic bone over and wound around her legs. My co-worker couldn’t believe how much better she felt and that Desi knew she was stressed.


Desi is calm, sweet and she never barks or whines.

Submitted By: Dana & Jay Stephenson