As usual this was an exciting month in “Diego Land”. Barb and Patrick went to San Antonio and unfortunately I couldn’t go with them so I got to stay with 2 sitters. I also got to visit with Sid and his pups for the evening when Barb and Patrick went out for dinner. Their hostess is allergic to dogs so I couldn’t go. The best day was at the Vancouver Aquarium. I really liked seeing all of the other dogs but the most interesting part was the sea lions. They barked just like me but I couldn’t understand what they were saying. The jellyfish were also really cool.

Barb took this picture of me in the kitchen. I’m not really allowed to be in there cuz it’s a very small room and Barb is always worried that she might trip over me. This time I figured as long as I stayed under the door of the dishwasher it would be OK.

Submitted by: Barb and Patrick