​Dior continues to grow and behave in all things puppy. She is a contented little gal at home and is learning to be calm around the youngest grandchildren, ages 4 & 6. Greeting adults with nothing less than a full body shimmy, tail going like a windmill, and energetic jumping up is an ongoing process of working on pairing her greeting style to a sit & wait. Tough for this friendly little soul.

Dior is curious about all things moving, making sounds and eatable. A bird, a plane, and a bee all catch her undivided and quizzical attention. If it’s on the ground, it must mean it’s there for at least tasting, if not eating. We are working on it!!

LLW is also a work in progress. Lunging is almost non-existent. Dogs in the distance are now just that, in the distance. Changing the angle of the approach has slightly reduced her determination for closer-up dog interaction.

Dior is learning to self-play with things that she can toss or bounce. She can be found enjoying a good snooze with many of her toys tucked up in her bed beside her. Her stair-sitting positions continue to be a source of amusement for those looking on.

Dior has enjoyed some interesting outings. The Surrey Museum with another PADS pup, Ikea (she did amazing), toured Everything Wine, a golf course restaurant, breakfast at Ricky’s, the White Rock promenade, checked out Vancouver International Airport arrivals, an infant baptismal in a church with lots of echo and lots of errands with her raiser.

Submitted by: Heather DeVries

Photo below submitted by:  Nico, Puppy in Training Sitter