Hi everyone! I hope you’re all doing well and had a good summer! I’m still doing really good here. Now that my heat cycle is over I’m feeling more calm and relaxed as a dog. My lady and my sitter lady kept telling me.

Some things I was up to this month:
-The kids had dentist appointments so I got to come along and I was such a good girl and settled right down without my lady repeating herself!
-Nova III came and played with me for a week and wow, did we ever play! I even got to show her how the pool worked by laying in it and not letting her in! It’s mine, no one said I had to share!
-Back to school shopping for the kids!!! I gotta say, the shoe store is SOOO boring but overall my lady said I was being a good girl and I did settle down a bit there.
-Ice hockey…I definitely am not a huge fan of it there…someone banged their hockey stick on the boards over and over again but I really didn’t seem to like it there. I did really love snuggling with my lady there hiding my head under her arm to keep me safe.
-I got to go to sitter Chloe!!! She’s so much fun with her family! I’m told I was a really good girl with her kids because I’m used to a busy house! We got to go on errands, skating lessons at the rink, hang out in the backyard and house with the kids, off-leash walks with a new puppy friend, and more! It sure was a good time at their house!!

Other than just shopping errands, we just chilled at home playing in the backyard with the kids and my pal Kenny. I still love to sleep, so laying in the sun on the deck just feels so good!

Until next time friends!

Submitted by: Melissa