Hey there folks. I hope you’re doing well! I sure am!

I’m still growing big and strong over here at my human’s place. As much as my human lady says she’s glad December is over, we didn’t do a whole lot of much that was overly exciting. I went to my human kid’s school for a chapel and I got to see my favourite person there!! I was so excited to see this lady. I was vibrating with excitement, but sadly she wouldn’t pet me because I was too jumpy for her. She’s a PADS lady, too, so she really knows what she’s doing.

I discovered my human lady’s heated blanket, and anytime I can sneak onto it, I try, then I love to fall asleep on it. I know I’m not supposed to, but I just love it so much!! I got to go with my human lady and one of our boys to the Vancouver Canucks game!! I did so well; I sat and stared at my lady pretty much the whole time and fell asleep as soon as we got back to the car. I walked so nicely with my lady at the game and even finished off the night by pooping inside because the Canucks lost 3-0.

I got to go to several stores so my human lady could get Christmas shopping done then I even got to meet Santa!!!!

I got to play in the snow, and I got to experience really cold weather I had to wear boots and a jacket outside because I didn’t like the cold. My humans had several family get-togethers this month; I got to stay home from 1, went to 1, went to a sitter with Edith for an evening, and I got to hang out with another sitter family another night. Once all the family business was done, we spent the last of December hanging out at home and relaxing.

Until next time… Dusky

Submitted by: Melissa