Hey everyone! It’s Dusky!

I’m doing great still at my home with my people. It was another great month experiencing life on the farm. I have a nice big backyard to run with my pal, Kenny, in. My lady likes to take me out into the backfield too, letting me run and work on my recall.

My human kids finished off basketball, so I got to spend a bunch of time in a gym working on settling down, which still isn’t my favourite thing to do, but I do it. Then volleyball season started, so now I have to sit in the gym, from time to time, but I don’t even pay attention to the ball or kids running all over! Early hockey mornings on Saturday too. I do so well because my lady settles me down and sits right beside me on the ground, so I really like that she sits there so I can snuggle up with her.

My little humans got sick this month too, so I was really good at giving them kisses and snuggles with they needed some extra love. Their eyes look so sad when they’re not feeling well and that makes me sad.

My lady played dress up with me too! She was going through some old clothes in the garage and decided it would be funny to put a pink skirt on my neck, and then they laughed at me! I wasn’t too sure about the skirt there, so I didn’t run away so that I wouldn’t trip. I don’t want to hurt myself!

The sun shines on my bedroom floor and is somewhere that I like to lie when I’m tired. My mom sometimes doesn’t know where I settled down and will find me in the warm sun because it feels so good!!

I’m getting good at leaving my kibble when my lady puts it in front of me. Sometimes she even lays food on my legs and I’ll lay still so she can say “YES!” which means I’m then allowed to eat it! I love food, even sniffing the kitchen floor, but I get shooed out of there all the time because I get in the way.

Thanks for reading my update once again! Hope you’re all doing well too!!

Submitted by: Melissa