Howdy folks!

It’s been a busy month here at home, yet I don’t have a lot to report! I rang in the new year in my kennel at home while my humans were with some friends for a short time. I hear they even lit up some fireworks, and I’m glad I wasn’t there because I think I would’ve been scared. I was happy to snuggle up to my Ikea puppy that evening!

My human took me to so many basketball games this month for my human girl. I was a good girl for the most part! The girls running, basketballs moving, and people walking around didn’t bother me. I just didn’t want to stay sitting! At a tournament, my human let me snuggle her on the ground because I was just so overtired, and I was so happy to sleep up against her!

I got to go to work with my lady a few times too. I am a good girl on work days; I get to stretch out on the long truck seat and sleep most of the time because car rides make me so sleepy!

One Saturday, my humans decided to take me way up in the mountains just so they could go sledding with friends. The audacity of them to take me out in the snow, and make me wear shoes and a sweater! I was so miserable all day, so I did lots of whining to tell them I wasn’t happy. Then my human lady took me on her lap by the fire and wrapped me up in a blanket, and then I chilled out. From there, I loved watching the kids laughing and sledding or crying when a tumble happened.

I went for a walk through what I’m told was the Pacific Agriculture Show. It was good, with lots of people and LOTS of crumbs to sniff and try to eat. My human didn’t like that too much, but I sure did! I even got a picture taken with my human lady in front of a big corn chopper!

All in all, a good month to spend with these humans who smother me with hugs, kisses and love. I love watching my human lady so much and can’t get enough of snuggling her any chance I can get. My favourite time is when she does some exercising in the garage and it’s time for her to lay on her mat doing weird things with her arms and legs, so I always sneak on her as fast as I can, laying on her so she can’t move and snuggles me to sleep.

That’s all I can think of for this month, and I hope you’re all doing well!

Love Dusky

Submitted by: Melissa