Hey friends! It’s time to update you on what I’ve been up to!

My lady has been busy and sadly I couldn’t go to everything she went to. It was the end of the school year which made life busy for us all.

Things I’ve been up to this month:
*Went to a school project presentation night and was a good girl by settling on my mat during the session, but I didn’t love my lady chatting and I got bored, so I would pull away from her to get her attention.
*I got to play with a 3-year-old for the day and that was fun!
*I LOVE playing in my pool when it’s hot! I turn in circles biting at the water, then plunk myself down so I’m laying in the water.
*I met up with my trainer at Home Depot and I got to show off my skills to her. My lady took me with her girl, to a mall and I put on my best behaviour by walking and settling nicely. On the drive home, I had a GOOD long nap!
*One of my boys had an end-of-year party at Kawkawa Lake, in Hope, that I got to go along with! I had SO much fun there. I loved playing on the water’s edge, running in circles on the sand and then in the water. PADS Bruni was there too, so she got to take her vest off for a few minutes and we ran and played on the beach together! That was so much fun!!
*This same boy graduated grade 5, so I got to go to his school and sleep while the chapel happened.
*My lady and I walked across to the USA to get a package and I was so well behaved the border people barely noticed me!
*My lady got screamed at by a lady in the Dollarstore and I was so good at keeping calm while she kept feeding me kibble to keep me focused on her.
*I got my first heat and I’m definitely confused by it. It smells funny and I constantly lick myself to keep clean but I thankfully haven’t had a diaper put on yet!

All in all, another good month of fun, snuggles and laughter. Tomorrow I’m going to a sitter for the week, so that’ll be fun! I met the sitter lady already and she’s so nice!

Happy Canada Day!

Love Dusky

Submitted by: Melissa