Hey there friends!

It sure was a beautiful day outside today! Sadly I had to stay inside because she had to work outside and had to work with me not there. Life sure is busy on the farm! My lady told me that now that the snow is done and gone, farm work and lawn mowing is going to be a thing she does a lot. I got to help in the field by running around last week, but when I wasn’t listening I would go on the leash. When my man would move the tractor and trailer forward, the kids would call me on the trailer and we’d ride on it to move forward. I sure had fun working outside and playing!!

My kids kept me busy this month. I got to go to a volleyball tournament over 2 days, a hockey playoff game, and a birthday party at an indoor play place! My lady says I grew, so she got me a size up for a vest! I really like it because it fits me so much better now.

I even got to explore a new country! My lady took me to the United States twice this month; 1 time to walk across and 1 time to go shopping for the day. It didn’t feel like a new country so it didn’t feel any different, but my lady was excited so that got me excited!

I got to go to a sitter this month for the first time too! I went to a town called Hope, and they live in an area with a forest so we got to go for walks there and I was a really good girl. I stayed for 2 nights and I had fun.

My lady and man took me to a Vancouver Canucks game this month too. Canucks got lots of goals, so every time they scored, a loud horn went off. I wasn’t too big of a fan of that, but my lady would give me rubs every time the horn went off so I wasn’t so scared.

Overall another great month!

Submitted by: Melissa