Hey friends!! I’m sorry I haven’t updated in a while! April and May have been super busy for my lady. Her husband had to work long days because he works in farmers’ fields on these big things called tractors. I even got to go for a ride in one! My lady had to carry me up and down the ladder, which I wasn’t a huge fan of. 

April’s highlights were: 

-a boring bridal shower that I slept through 

-a hospital visit for one of my boys’ MRI 

-work with my lady 

-playing in my kiddie pool 

-volleyball tournaments 

-roller hockey games 

May’s highlights were: 

-work with my lady 

-playing with my pal Kenny at Cultus Lake for the first time 

-visit with Oma 

-park playdate 

-family visit at Grandpa and Grandma for Mother’s Day

-PADS Nova II came to play for a day!! 

-a walk at the Fraser River

-a shopping trip to Bellingham, USA 

-a ride in a big tractor 

-a local play 

-a field trip to the Stave Lake Dam and Westminster Abby 

You can see I’ve been busy and I hope you like these pictures of me! 

Until next time! Dusky

Submitted by: Melissa