Hi! I’m Dusky, and I currently live in this place my people call Chilliwack. Since coming to my new home, I’ve adjusted well because I have a playmate named Kenny. Kenny and I like to play fight and wrestle when we’re together, so sometimes I have to be in my kennel or on a leash so my lady can catch me if I’m losing control of my biting.

I get to play with my lady and her big bearded man and their 4 humans. The little humans LOVE to play with me lots, and I really like that. I have really sharp teeth, so I like to chew a lot because it feels so good. My lady got me a yummy bacon-flavoured benebone, and it’s one of my favourite things to chew on.

My lady likes to take me to the places she has to go, even the little human’s school! I love it when my lady gives me food when we walk, so I know if I walk nicely beside her, giving her adorable puppy eyes, I get to hear an excited “YES,” and I get a treat! I love to keep my lady happy, so I’m on my best behaviour most of the time when we’re going places.

My lady has taken me to these yummy-smelling places where people drink out of cups and eat at the table above me, so sometimes there are so many goodies to sniff and lick on the ground, so my lady has to make me go back on my blanket over and over until I give up and go to sleep.

My lady takes me to this noisy place she calls church; the music is loud, yet it puts me to sleep. There are so many people there that like to pet me, but I know that my lady makes me sit, so I’m a good girl first, but I don’t want the pets. I want the food! Most times, I move away from the pets because I’d rather have my yummy food. Sometimes a really little person my size smells so good I like to give them kisses and make them laugh.

I even got to go to a game where people hit a little black thing with these silly sticks, but it was a bit too noisy for me, so I was most comfortable in my lady’s arms, where I got to fall asleep with a blanket wrapped around my ears because the strange man sitting by us was screaming too loud and another man was hitting his stick on the seat in front of him.

I even got to hang out with a new lady and man for a day in this place called a school where there are SO many kids! I behaved so well and listened really well to them and got yummy treats from them too. I got to go with my people to this place where my lady took SO many pictures of me by pumpkins and signs. There were so many people running around and playing. We even went through a maze of these funny-looking tall things that I was told were corn. My legs were much shorter then, so I got to ride in a green wagon because I was too tired to walk, and I even got to go for a nap in this wagon!

My lady took me yesterday to a place with so many people looking strange, saying “trick or treat!” dressed as all different things, even animals!! I did so well looking at my lady so I could get my yummy food because even though there were so many yummy-smelling snacks, I still was a good girl there.

I really like my people and Kenny to play with. One thing I forgot to tell you that I LOVE to do is splash in the water bowl! I can’t get enough of getting my paws wet and splashing in it! My lady took me to this HUGE lake with these loud boats on the water that makes waves, but I wasn’t too sure about it, so I didn’t get too close to the water.

My lady is trying to teach me to be nice to their silly cats, who like to hiss and try to hit me with their paws, but they’re so fun to chase! Sometimes I’m good, but other times I can’t help myself! Maybe one day I’ll choose to be nice to them, but I just have too much fun wanting to play! I’m just a baby!! I hope you like my stories, and I can’t wait to share more things that my lady gets to take me to!

Submitted by: Melissa Bredenhof