Hello to my fellow “puppies-in-training.” So I have a question for you all!! Have you noticed how it’s getting light outside earlier and earlier every day?? So why isn’t my hooman getting out of bed earlier and earlier every day? I mean, I’m ready to get at it – why isn’t he? 

But I guess it’s okay, ’cause once we get going, every day is filled with fun times (and a little work). We did more road trips into the Okanagan this month – I don’t mind being in the car at all, but I don’t like sharing the back seat with anyone. And my hooman said I was ready for some new experiences as well – so we went to a movie and a dance performance. The usher at The Playhouse said she never saw a dog that actually sat up and watched the show before!! But it was great. 

We still go to “school” every week, but this month we also went to a lot of “doggie parks”!!! Except I wasn’t allowed in!!! Instead, we walked around outside the parks, and I was supposed to keep calm while all the other doggies were playing inside. I didn’t think that was fair!! 

Submitted by: Kevin Hisko