Hey PADS Village – it’s Dylan II here again – writing to you from the winter wonderland that Vancouver is these days. But I am not complaining. Unlike a lot of you – I love the snow. Bring it on.

December was a great month for me. My hooman took me shopping and to some restaurants, and we even got to go on a big boat to visit his sister in Victoria. And when we were there, I met PADS Assistance Dog Bronx – what a great ambassador for the PADS Program.

We kept working on my “cues” to sit and perch. Sometimes I get excited when I’m supposed to perch and do a “jump on” instead. But I try not to, ’cause then I don’t get any treats!!

And then the holidays started, and my hooman took me to some new sitters – and they were great. I wasn’t feeling too well at first, but they took such great care of me and I bounced back really quickly.

And then the snow came . . . what a treat . . . maybe it will stay forever???

Submitted by: Kevin Hisko