Hey PADS Village – so was February a totally awesome month, or what?? I mean, it really was a blast – I don’t know where to start. 

My hooman and I are starting to spend some time in skateboard parks, on the seawall and near dog parks. He thinks it’s a good idea that I learn how to work on my cues there without being distracted by everything going on. Sounds easy, right!! But it’s not – ’cause I would always rather play with the skateboards. I guess that’s why we are practising. 

As a reward, he took me on a play date with my sister Copper. It was great. The hoomans let Copper and me off of our leashes, and we got to run and play just like when we were little wee puppies. It was sooo great to see her again. 

But the best part was when we travelled back to Ottawa to visit with his friends and family – and we’re still there now. We got to get onto one of those big flying machines, and I couldn’t do a “better go” for over 5 hours. I was sure happy when that was over. But when we got here there was snow, and people, and cars, and more snow and . . . it’s exhausting. I get to visit with my hooman’s mother a lot – she is sooo cool. And so are the lovely people who live with her. And I think they all like me too. 

But it’s not all fun and games. We still do a little bit of work every day. Today, we were practising something called a “folded down,” and my hooman wanted to see how long I would hold my snout to his hand. He says I still need some work with those things. 

Okay – gotta go. My hooman says we can go “off-leash” in the snow trails,

Submitted by: Kevin Hisko