Hey PADS Village – I sure hope you are all enjoying summer as much as I am. There’s sooo much to do. And sooo much time to do it. Okay – I’ll admit I’m not a big fan of the heat – I think that’s how I ended up feeling a little queasy last month. But give me sunshine and air conditioning and I’m a happy pup!!

And what a great month this has been. I got to spend some time with Amanda and Jason, two of my favorite sitters. They took me to Seattle and we went to a big stadium with lots of guys running around and chasing balls. I wanted to play too, but I wasn’t allowed. I did get to meet a very cool guy though. I liked him a lot ’cause he smelled like hamburger!!

And I also got to spend some time with a crew of my PADS friends. We went to Spanish Banks where we could run, get our pictures taken, roll in the mud, play with a dead fish (which my hooman said wasn’t allowed – sometimes he’s no fun!!) and run some more. So much fun!!

And best of all – we had some great classroom time in July. My hooman says he’s so happy to see his fellow raisers face-to-face. I know how he feels – I got to see my pup friends too. What a fun way to learn!

Oh – and I turned one-year old last month!!

Submitted by: Kevin