My hooman and I are both trying to understand how the month of May can be over already – didn’t it just start, like, yesterday?? I guess it’s true that time flies when you are having fun!! And man, am I ever having fun!! First we travelled to the Okanagan a few more times this month. Okay, that wasn’t so much fun – I don’t mind the car, but the road can be really twisty sometimes and it’s hard for me to settle. But my hooman says we don’t have to go there anymore. But I did have a blast visiting Ontario this month!!! It was the same house we stayed at in January – except there was no snow and THREE other dogs. The trips on the airplane were fine, especially after I got used to using the “indoor toilets” at the airport.

But it’s not all fun and games!! My hooman and I still do a lot of walking everyday, but he’s starting to get strict about me staying close to him the whole time. So not a lot of sniffing allowed. And we are going to all sorts of different places – lately we have been in shopping malls alot. Sometimes I get left behind though. I’ll stay in the kennel for some snooze time – sometimes for up to 2 hours – while my hooman goes off for some “me” time. So we’re both pretty happy!!

Submitted by: Kevin