Hey Everyone – it’s PADS Puppy-in-Training Dylan II here!! 

So I’m here to report that I’m really starting to enjoy this “puppy-in-training” thing. I mean, I know my hooman and sitters sometimes call it work, but I’m just having fun!!! We started a bunch of new things this month: bed, perch, kennel, here . . . it seems there is no end of things that they want me to do. But as long as they’re going to give me a treat, I’m willing to give it my best shot. I might not always get it the first time, but eventually, I figure it out!! 

I had a couple of great adventures this month too. First, I got to stay with Diane and Stephen. And they had a dog, Archer, that was soooo much fun to play with. Then, when my hooman was delayed, I stayed with Susan and Jonathan. And they have two kids, which was even more fun. And better yet, when they took me for walks in the woods, I didn’t have to have my leash on!! I didn’t go very far without them, but it was great to just run around. 

So if this is “work,” I say, “bring it on”!!! 

Submitted by: Kevin Hisko