Hey PADS Village. Did you see the snow out there last week?? How amazing was that? I think I remember snow from when my hooman and I were in Ontario last year – but I’m still going to act like it’s the first time I’ve seen it. My hooman let me romp around (without my cape) and play in the snow in a park near where we live – it was awesome!!

We also had a little visitor last month – 9-week-old PADS Link came to stay with us overnight before his trip to Calgary. He was soooo small. He liked to play, but when my hooman said there was too much roughhousing, we had to take a break. I’d like to have a second wee puppy here all the time, but my hooman says “no way”!!!

My hooman is also occasionally doing stuff at the PADS Campus, and it’s so cool when he takes me. ‘Cause, there is almost always at least one other dog there, and if I’m good, I get to play before we go home. Last week I was in the pen with PADS Cleat – what a great time we had romping around. And I also had a trip on BC Ferries to Victoria in November. I really like the ferry boat trip. The staff are always so nice to me, and the boat kinda rumbles, which puts me to sleep.

But it’s not all fun and games. I still go to class once a week, and my hooman and I go for little training sessions every other day. We’ve been spending a lot of time walking around the shopping malls lately. They are soooo busy!!! What do you think is going on??

Submitted by: Kevin