Hey Everybody – it’s PADS Dylan II here. This is my first time doing this, and I am super excited to be telling you about everything I have been up to for the last month.

You probably know that me and my sister Copper came to PADS from Dogs With Wings in Edmonton. It was a long drive, but it means I am really comfortable being in a car, mostly ’cause I sleep a lot!! But we are sooo happy to be here. And when my hooman picked me up, I felt at home right away.

And we have been super busy since Day 1. I’ve been to a place called the “Okanagan” – twice, and to lots of restaurants and coffee shops. Sometimes I get a little anxious with all the people and noise, but when that happens we leave right away and try again the next day. And we’ve been to the YMCA a lot. It’s kind of noisy there too, but everyone it really nice, so that makes it easier.

I haven’t seen a lot of other dogs yet, but my hooman says that will happen soon. In the meantime I play in the leaves, sleep, go for walks, sleep, chew on my favorite toys, and sleep. My hooman says I’m growing like a weed. What’s a “weed”?

Submitted by: Kevin Hisko