Hey PADS Village!!! So is anyone else getting confused about what’s happening in the mornings these days? My hooman used to take me out for a morning walk in the brilliant sunshine. Now we go out and it’s cold and dark. What’s happening? I mean, I’m always happy to go out, but sunshine is almost always better.

I had a great month – and it was even better because I got to stay with two amazing sitters while my hooman was away. Now it’s not always fun and games with the sitters – I still have to train and practice. But it’s always nice to meet someone new and explore a new neighbourhood.

We started working on some new skills this month – like “heel” and “side”. Or is it “side” and “heel”? I keep getting confused. And we’re still working on what my hooman says are the basics – like “stand” and “down”. The best part is – it’s like a treat festival if I get it right, so I’m happy to keep trying!!

Submitted by: Kevin