Hello PADS Village – it’s Dylan II here.

So, things are finally starting to cool down around here, which is nice, I guess. Not that I minded too much, but my hooman was getting a little cranky with the hot weather. Good thing he wasn’t with me when I was with a couple of the amazing PADS sitters in Hope, B.C., early in September. Now that was hot!!

We’ve been working a lot these days. My hooman takes me to the skateboard park almost every day so that I can get used to the noise and crowds, and other distractions. It’s generally not a problem if we are just walking around. Everyone is so nice and mostly just lets me get on with what I need to do. But when we are working on my cues…it’s tough not to get distracted. And if there are other dogs there…well then, all bets are off!! The good news is we are starting to do some classes at the PADS campus, so I get to see my PADS friends when we’re there.

Something called “duration” seems to be a big deal these days. Not sure why cause it’s mostly doing nothing. And I’m not good at doing nothing – I get bored too easily. I guess that’s why we have to work at it. That, and the new cues we started this month – heel and side. I’m still having some problems with those cues as well – but I’ll get it!!!

Submitted by: Kevin