Wow! I had a very busy February. Even though I didn’t go to class much, I still learned a lot! I went on an airplane with my raiser to a snowy place called Alberta. Airplanes are fun but a bit squishy! In Alberta, we spent time in the hospital with some very sick people. I took care of everyone who was around the sick people and gave them lots of my very special kind of love. It was pretty tiring however my raiser made sure I got lots of rest and play time too. I got to play in snow and it was so much fun! I also got to go on a long drive one day. It was pretty boring just laying in the car. My raiser said that it’s important for me to learn that car rides are sometimes long and boring but it’s my job to just use them as time to relax. In terms of skills, I’m learning to engage and disengage with my raiser before checking something out and learning how to get into a nice position beside my handler.

Submitted By: Sandra Koziol