Ember spent a couple weeks with a sitter this month.

Due to Covid-19, we were unable to bring Ember out to public places.  We did go outside for numerous walks in and around Lougheed and North Road, Lower Lougheed Park, and Mundy Park.  We visited my mom’s place in Burnaby and had some close friends over (before the Social distancing took place).

As both Eugene and I were working from home, Ember did learn a lot about relaxing throughout the day.


We did a bunch of mini sessions throughout the day, working on the basics: settle, sit, down, stand, touch, and chin.  We also did a few sessions with getting her vest on and off so she wouldn’t forget about her ‘working mode.’

While out walking we worked a bit on her recall using ‘this way’ or adding some leash pressure to get her to move in different directions.  She’s getting a lot better with her loose leash (with the gentle lead) and waiting patiently before crossing thresholds, doorways, and elevators.  Unless there were treats involved, she didn’t like to sit right away when asked. This might’ve been due to her ‘teenage’ brain. Otherwise, Ember was such a lovely and affectionate pup to be around.

Submitted By: Michelle/Eugene Hatano/Or (puppy sitters)