My raisers and I have been staying close to home to keep healthy and safe, but staying close to home doesn’t mean sleeping all day.

Some of the activities I’ve been busy with this month: Daily neighbourhood walks through the pink snow blossoms. Celebrating Easter and Passover. Journeys to catch up on the latest sidewalk chalk exhibits (the kid artists sure do know how to be positive and spread joy). Random challenges like, loose leash walking while loud or tall raiser holds on with only one finger, practising a gentle mouth by getting kibble off a floating object, and staying calm while all the clapping and cheering happens at 7PM. My raisers are always reinforcing my cues too. I am definitely keeping busy.

You guys! My dad has been staying nearby and I have been getting to know him. He likes to run and play just like me and the hoomans say we even look alike.

Fun fact: did you know that my house has a box called a computater where hoomans and dogs I used to see in the real are now living? Each week I see my PADS trainer in there and sometimes I get to see my mama and other PADS dog pals. It is very interesting.

That’s all for now. Stay safe and healthy.
xo @padsempress

PS I may have got in trouble with the law (see photo evidence).