It has been a full year of staying home to stay safe but don’t worry I am still keeping up on all my skills so I will be ready when the call comes to go to the big show. I am practicing staying focused even when Loud and Tall dress me up like the Easter Bunny or take me to the car doctor and other interesting places.

My favourite part about this month was exploring the lake in my water carriage. I am very comfortable being paddled around and I happily stay onboard even when distractions come aboat ;). I was a very good and calm pup despite the fish jumping nearby, hoomans singing and shouting from their carriages, and dogs making a fuss for me to come and play with them on shore.

My half sister (same dad) Finesse came by the palace one day this month for a few hours and we enjoyed touring the nearby grounds together. We also practiced settling and showed Loud our double chin rest. We are certified goodest girls.

Until again,

xo @padsEmpress

Submitted by: Loud and Tall Raisers