Guess what?! This month I had two assessments at the PADS campus. It was lots of fun showing off my skills and letting the PADS team see that I am very keen to continue my training as a service dog.

Some of the fun activities I got up to this month included a trip to the PNE where I got to watch the Superdogs starring my favourite trainer Dana, I saw a fun dancing people parade, and I got to show how great I am at not eating mini donuts… even when they were being eaten right in front of me. Rude. I got to hang out with my number one sitter friend for a whole five days. I was the goodest girl and remained settled even when a little bunny came to visit and touched my nose. I had some great playtime with furiends and enjoyed practising sit and stand durations on the off-leash trails. “Release” is my favourite word.

I continue to love learning and practising my loose leash walking and cues.

Paw paw for now.

xo @padsempress

Submitted By: Loud and Tall Raisers