I have the biggest news! I have officially been called up to college, AKA advanced training.

This month was filled with the usual things like shopping at the Farmer’s Market, going to meetings at the office, and running errands. Loud and Tall also took me on some “memory lane” adventures. I got to ride in the water carriage, hike on our favourite trails, take a ferry trip, and then we went camping by the ocean with my mama and my bestie Sierra. It was the pawesome.

I am all packed up and ready to move into the dorms at the PADS Burnaby campus. I still haven’t sorted out how to fit Loud and Tall in my suitcase but I have a feeling I might get to see them one or two more times before I journey on to my official career path.

My Pupdates will start to look a little different. I’ll be too busy to write them myself so my advanced trainer Ashley will be posting them on my behalf.

Thanks so much for following along on this very impawtant beginning of my journey into service dog life. I am grateful for your support and hope you will continue to look out for me while I focus on this next step to giving someone their best life.

Lots of licks, wags and love.

xo Empress

Submitted by: Loud and Tall Raisers