Big News!! I turned one year old this month. I had a fun off-leash party with my brother Gilbey, my mama Roma, and advanced dog Cirque. We even got dressed up for the occasion.
Highlights for this month included:
– Going to a place called the Vancouver Aquarium. It was so interesting to see all the fishes. I was most excited by the sea lions and the tiny hoomans running around. I worked really hard to stay calm and obedient.
– Accompanying loud raiser to the blood donor clinic. I was a little concerned when I saw the nurse poking her with a sharp stick but loud raiser acted like it was no big deal. I took my cue from her and played it cool too. Sadly, I did not get any pretzels but I did get puppy snacks so I’ll probably go back with her again.
– Hanging out with little hoomans. We had some little hoomans visit us for a few days and I learned all about how impawtant it is to “settle” and not get too excited when they make loud noises and run all over the house.
– Spreading love and kindness is one of my favourite things to do and this month we had two special days to do just that: Valentine’s Day and Pink Shirt day. So fun.
– As usual, I rode lots of public transit with my raisers and spent way too much time in meeting rooms. Meetings are boring but I guess it’s a good time to catch up on my zzzs.
Until again, lots of love,

Submitted By: Loud and Tall Raisers