Happy Lunar New Year everypawdy! February was a big month for me. It started out with a public access assessment in a mall. Tall and I got followed around by a hooman with a clipboard. I got to show off all my skills plus I showed that I do not eat treats off the ground…that’s kinda a big deal for a service dog. The clipboard hooman said I operate on a high vibration level and that I am right on track. Yay!

We had snow for a few days and I got to frolic and help make hooman replicas. Even though the snow made everything more exciting I still showed that I am mature enough to practice nice loose leash walking in it.

One of my favourite things in the whole world, besides eating, is bringing joy. On February 14th I got to do just that, I delivered PADS puppy-grams for Valentine’s Day. It was so fun. Lots of the recipients knew who I was and one even said, “This is the best Valentine’s Day of my life!”

On February 22nd I turned two! Happy birthday Gin litter. I got to celebrate with my brother Gilbey. We went for a walk in the park, had a photoshoot, and the best part of all…PUPCAKES!!

Best month ever!

xo @padsempress

Submitted by: Loud and Tall Raisers