Happy New Year! Some of the new things I have experienced this year are:

SNOW! It falls from the sky and you can eat it and play in it and dig in it because it is everything. Sadly, it also disappears.

Dentist. It is a place raisers go to get their teeth inspected. I had to practice my duration sit in another room while tall raiser got his teeth x-rayed. I did okay with that but tooth be told I need to work on duration.

Brock House. It is a fancy old building where I had to be on my best behaviour while PADS volunteers gave a presentation all about PADS and the impawtant work we puppies do.

I continue to ride on lots of public transit and go to work with tall and loud. I am getting better at settling and learning to stay calm when greeting friends. It is especially hard when the hoomans are very small because I love them a lot and they make delightful shrieking sounds.

Until next time.


Submitted By: Tall and Loud Raisers