Hi everypawdy. I have had such an exciting month.

I went on two road trip camping adventures. I got to spend time with my mama and super pal Sierra. I learned all about settling in camp and in a tent. I didn’t make any fuss when a very rude mosquito bit me in the eyelid and I had to have some medicine to make the swelling go away. I practised my loose leash walking on a working farm. I supervised backseat sandwich making and didn’t even try to munch on the hooman food. AND, I got to spend time at the beach.

I still enjoy practicing all my cues and obedience regularly and I love learning new things.

My raisers say we are in hard times and that is why the hoomans especially enjoy seeing me walking in the neighbourhood. I am making it my special mission to put smiles on all the faces.

Until again,
Wash your paws
Stay calm
xo @padsempress