This month has been full of adventure and excitement.

I accompanied Loud to her eye appointment and the doctor said that I am , “such a good girl with the kindest eyes” which makes it official because eye doctors know about these things.

I spent time hiking in the woods and I went on the lake in my water carriage, which is my second favourite place to be… my first is in front of a full food bowl.

I got to spend a week with one of my lovely sitters. It was a heat wave so she took me to places that had something called “air conditioning”. We walked around the mall, local shops, and a hotel lounge. My sitter said my loose leash walking was so good she forgot I was even there. I enjoyed being in the air conditioning but also, I don’t mind the heat. I always find the sunny spots even when it 36°C.

One thing I need to keep working on is my calming skills when people are clapping. My sitter took me to a jazz concert and I got kind of excited when the hoomans clapped but after a while I settled in. I guess I kinda thought they were clapping for me and that I should stand up and acknowledge it. Oops.

And finally but most impawtantly, I spent time with Loud and Tall taking a paws to pay my respects to the First Nations and Indigenous peoples who have suffered great loss.

Until again,

xo @padsEmpress