This month has been a little strange. It started off pretty normal. I was riding public transit and going to work with my raisers. I spent a lot of time at a place called university and got to meet lots of students as well as help them learn. I got to hang out with my mama and her new roomie, Sierra. We all practiced perch on a big log. I even went to Stanley Park.

Then, things took a turn and we have been spending all of our time at home. I got dressed up for St. Patrick’s day which was kinda fun. I still get to go for walks around the neighbourhood and practice cues like “jump on” as well as loose leash walking outside, but most of my training is happening at home now. Bonus: there seems to be a lot more time for snuggles which I will never turn down.

My favourite part of each day is at 7 PM when my raisers go to the balcony to shout and bang pots with the neighbours. At first, I got really excited and jumped up when this happened but then I learned (with kibble rewards) how to stay calm. Now I sit at the balcony door and calmly enjoy the applause. You guys, I know the cheering is for the healthcare workers and front-liners, but sometimes I pretend it is for me and all my goodest girl behaviour.

Until next month, stay safe and healthy.
xo @padsempress

Submitted By: Tall and Loud Raisers