I had a very busy month. First, 12 week old Angel came to the palace for a weekend and then I hosted 13 week old Almond for almost a whole week. Here are some of the things I learned while mentoring puppies:

1) Puppy teeth are very jaggety
2) It’s okay to take breaks to chill out on your own
3) Puppies need a lot of sleep and should not be disturbed when they are snoring or chasing dream squirrels.
4) Holding cues while a puppy tries to wrestle is hard but the rewards make it worthwhile.
5) I LOVE puppies!

My mama Roma and Almond’s mama Sierra both live in the same house so, as a treat, I took Almond to have a fun outside reunion with her mama. It was extra special because I got to spend time with my mama too. We all had the best time.

Almond and I got dressed up for a few photoshoots. Loud and Tall said that dressing us up was good practice for if we ever need to wear a harness or booties for work but I think they just wanted to see us in funny outfits.

Licks and wags until again.

xo @padsEmpress

Submitted by: Loud and Tall Raisers