We were staying close to home again this month but I still managed to pack a lot in.

I played mentor to little Almond for a few days while she hung out at the castle. I showed her a few of my favourite places and I even helped her get rid of some loose teeth.

It was a big month for Loud and Tall because they both got something called vaccinated. I escorted Loud to her appointment and she was very proud of me for holding a 30 minute down and making the hoomans waiting in line feel happy.

I attended the PADS Shred It Event on May 29th and we raised over $12k… I am not sure what k stands for but I am hoping it means kibble.

As always, I helped Tall and Loud run errands and worked on practising my cues and goodest girl manners. You know, stuff like not getting distracted when I meet another working dog out in public, keeping strong handler engagement, and using great impulse control when confronted with the wall of temptation at the dog store.

That’s all for now!

xo @padsEmpress

Submitted by: Loud and Tall Raisers