October was the month of gratitude.

I was very grateful to go adventuring on Salt Spring Island. I love riding on the ferry and I don’t even mind the big loud ship whistle that blasts super loud. I practised settling in a new place. I visited farm stands and orchards and I found a new fairy community in the mountain trails.

I was grateful to enjoy lots of new enrichment exercises while my raisers worked from home. But you guys! I got to go to an outdoor, in-person puppy class where I showed off how I have been keeping up my skills. All the raisers (there were only four) kept their distance so we pups did the same but it was still nice to see a few of my pals.

Even though I didn’t get to help hand out treats this year I was grateful to see all the hoomans in my neighbourhood smile and wave when I wore my Howloween costume on a neighbourhood walk.

All the best.

xo @padsEmpress

Submitted by: Tall and Loud Raisers