Day 39
The puppies got new digs today. They now have the whole dining room (don’t ask what the rest of the house looks like with all of the furniture pushed out of the way). Lots of room for during the day, and we will section it off to just the near side, with the kennels marking the far side of the space, for nighttime.
We know it’s time to increase the space when the puppies start spending most of their time yowling to get out of their pen.
The new pen is 7.5’ x 12.5’.
This size will do them for the rest of their time with us (another 2 weeks and 6 days, but who’s counting), and they will continue to get supervised time outside the pen both inside the house and outside.
They also did their first hour in the kennels with the doors closed today while we swapped out the linoleum and rearranged the space.