Rumour has it a big guy in a red suit will come to those on the nice list, so this month, I made sure to be the goodest girl in hopes he’d come to visit. This whole Christmas and winter thing was pretty pawesome. There was a lot of snow to frolic in, many trips to the stores to get goodies and pressies for the hoomans, and so many treatos.

I must have been the goodest girl because Xmas morning I saw a little something under the tree for me. But now I set the bar high for how good I can be, the momma expects good things in January, especially now that I’m a whopping 6 months old and really starting to learn some fun things.

I can’t wait to see what next month brings as the holidays wind down and we return to our regular puppy classes, where I’ll get to see some of my puppy pals and wow some trainers.

Submitted by: Tiff Spenard