Supposedly March is when things are supposed to start warming up, and spring is on the horizon, but it missed the memo, and we were hit with what the hoomans are calling Sprinter. A big snowstorm hit, and I have to admit us doggos weren’t upset by this.

This month saw a newish visitor to the house in the form of my big sister (from a different mister) who’s back from puppy college. She decided to recareer to a VIP doggo, so we are enjoying some time together while she waits for her forever match. We are definitely two peas in a pod and are making the hoomans laugh with our silly antics.

Like always were balancing the work-play life and had lots of fun outings. I even tried out my mentor hat with one of the newer puppies in training little PADS Alcy. It was a short and sweet trip to the mall to people watch, and despite my adolescent tendencies, I rallied to be an impeccable mentor and earned soo many kibs for my efforts.

The biggest news of this month was my upstairs doggo housemate, who’s a breeder for the PADS program, found out she’s pregnant, so that the next few months will be full of adventure. So stay tuned to see just what those adventures are.

Submitted by: Tiff Spenard