I had a fairly low-key month, as I had a bit of an upset tummy which took some time to rest and recover from. Before that came, though, I was able to have a few fun outings joining the hooman at this huge store full of yummy yummy smells. They call it Costco. I was on my bestest behaviour, only having eyes for the hooman and not all the other people that thought I was adorable.

When I wasn’t being the bestest girl on outings, I was busy getting my adventure on and emptying my bucket, as they say on the many trail walkies we go on.

The month capped off with the promise of “white stuff” the hoomans have been going on about. They say it’s the best thing ever, and after my first experience with it, I may have to agree. It was pretty PAWSOME!!

As for now, I have some very impawtent business to tend to in the sense of being the goodest girl to stay on the nice list as rumour has it a guy in a big red suit is coming next month and if you’re naughty, he leaves you clumps of coal and sticks. Now I do luffs me some sticks, but rumour is if you stay on the nice list, better things happen. So guess we’ll have to see next month which list I make it on.

Submitted by: Tiff Spenard