October was a fun and exciting month. I’ve settled in pretty well to this whole puppy-in-training lifestyle. Especially now that we’re starting to learn some skills above just the fundamentals of being a civilized puppy in the house and not a gremliny ankle biter, these newfound skills bring some fun outings to practice them all.

I’m starting to join the hooman on some of her outings, and I’m really enjoying our trips to the lake to blow off some steam after these fun outings. Seems the hooman is a big fan of the work-play balance lifestyle, and I’m happy to jump on board that lifestyle too.

The two biggest highlights this month were, of course, Halloween. When we got to dress up and walk around with a lot of tiny hoomans and get so many ooohs and aaaahs along with so many scritches from our admiring fans. The other big highlight was going to the local safety fair in support of fire prevention month. I was able to meet the RCMP safety bear, who is actually a life-sized version of one of my favourite stuffies I have at home.

Hoomans have been mentioning something about the white stuff coming soon, and so is the cold weather, so I can only imagine November is going to be full of some more new and exciting things.

Submitted by: Tiff Spenard