This month had a wee bit of excitement in the air. The hooman says that the changing of seasons cues the start of the exciting time of year. The next 3 months will be a bit of a blur as exciting things are on the horizon with Christmas coming, snow on the horizon, my potential graduation to puppy college and most importantly, as it comes first, Halloween. Rumour has it my hooman is a big fan of Halloween, and the amount of dress up and decorating that took place this month, I think I can with no doubt, confirm this rumour.

The hoomans have traded in their pool floaties for ice skates which meant I went from lifeguard on watch to referee, but both are high kibble payouts, so doesn’t make much difference to me.

I also may just be a huge fan of Halloween especially when our awesome tiny neighbour hoomans provide such yummy treatos for us doggos that come knocking.

I’m quite excited for next month as the hooman says we may start seeing snow, and let me tell you folks, snow zoomies are da bestest so here’s hoping next month brings on the zoomies.

Submitted by: Tiff Spenard