This is a bonus update about Findlay’s first 2 weeks in Advanced Training. 

Findlay spent her first few days with all the space in her dorm room as she had a rouge spay stitch still hanging around. We got it dealt with, and she was a free dog afterwards! Findlay has made fast friends with Mosley and Alpine, and they hang out during play breaks. They love to chase and play keep away! Findlay doesn’t have a bunkmate yet, but she enjoys her space as an “only child” in her dorm room. Findlay is a good napper once she’s settled and snores very loudly. We enjoy doing our paperwork to the sounds of her snoring. We took it easy over the last two weeks and didn’t do much besides basic obedience, settling time in the office and playing in the yard. Findlay is so bouncy and brings a such bright energy to the class. She’s eager to please and always happy to try, even if she gets things wrong sometimes.

 When working with the Advanced Training Team, Findlay has adjusted well and very quickly to the new environment and changes that are going on around her! She transitions very well and is a very sweet pup to be around. She really loves bonding with her handler and is trying her best to target items, like touch sticks and foot targets. She’s not quite got the hang of the foot targets, but she loves the nose boop to the touch stick. A quirk that we are working on is her scavenging on the floor (we’ve heard her nose rules her life many times, and we can confirm this, haha), as well as her overall recall with her handlers, on and off-leash. Findlay is very bright and wants to learn, so we are hoping she gets better while in university.

Thanks, everyone, for all your love and hard work with Findlay!

Submitted by: Advanced Training Department