What an amazing month Findlay has had! She has passed her Pre Placement Testing, been matched with a client, and is now in the process of completing Team Training! Findlay and her client are doing great. They are a very well-matched team and well on their way to an incredible future together. So much love, dedication, hard work, and persistence have gone into the raising and training of Miss Findlay. She has greatly benefited from a variety of people who stayed in her corner and gave her the tools and time to become the incredible dog she is today. 

Congratulations to the wonderful village that helped her!
Whelping Home: Tamara Chenosky Injates and family.
Puppy Raisers: Lynne & Garry McKenzie and Linda Plasche.
Advanced Sitters: Angela & David Wilkinson and Cathy Beaumont.
1st & 2nd Year Puppy Sponsor: Bristol Gardens

Advanced training location: West Coast (Satellite)

Submitted by: Emma, Advanced Trainer