March has been an exciting month. I had my first playdate with my brother Talbot and Misha & Misty, who are a few months older than me. We had a fantastic time! I also had a playdate with my neighbour Jack, he’s 6 years old and bigger than me, but we have so much fun together. During a walk, I had a very scary experience. I ate a marijuana cigarette which unfortunately seemed irresistible to me. I was very wobbly, tired and peed on my bed. The vet said it’s becoming very common and is quite dangerous for us canines. I hope I never do that again! I am feeling so much better after that experience.

I had a photoshoot with Kim E. I think I look pretty cute! I go on outings in the car, but honestly, the ride is pretty boring. Linda said I’m getting better with my training. We practice every day. We go on outings quite often. I want to visit with all the people, but I have to sit still before I can say hi. I went to the park with Odie, and we had to sit under the table and not play. That was hard. Every day is a new adventure!

Submitted by: Linda Campese