Hello Finian

Finian came to our home as an adorable two-month-old. At the start, Finian was quite a barker and crier; no doubt trying to tell us that he was not happy about leaving his mother and sister. This quickly subsided as he discovered his new world filled with leaves, exciting smells, other PADS dogs and of course, toys. Now, Finian has the occasional bark or cry, but overall, he’s a quiet little pup until bedtime, when he babbles to himself as he falls asleep.

Finian is a special pup. He’s a cuddler and could easily spend his days lying next to a person (or another pup). He’s keen to learn and easy to train. He has a wonderful curiosity; nothing holds him back from exploring or trying new things which makes him extra fun!

Finian has had a great start to his new life.

Submitted by: Marilyn H.